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Why Dentrassi?

Why Dentrassi?
It's a reference to Douglas Adams' Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I chose it as being suitably obscure that its origin would be obvious to anyone who'd read the book and cryptic (to say the least) to anyone who hadn't.

So Why Dentrassi?
<rant> A while back I bought a hard disk from a so-called reputable computer company. After a month's use it failed, taking with it most of my MP3's and my Linux partition. It took another month to get a replacement (but that's another story). The name "Dentrassi" indicates that I hate Vogons (another HHGTTG reference), only in this case the Vogons are the people who charge through the roof when people's hard disks fail and they need important data back. It would be much simpler if hard disks were made to work for more than five minutes at a time.</rant>

I'll ask again. Why Dentrassi?
Read the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Things will become much clearer.

Why does this page look so crap in Netscape?
Because it does. OK, I think a better explanation is in order. Use Netscape on a Windows box and it'll come out fine. For some reason, which I have yet to fathom, Netscape under UN*X seems to dislike style sheets, setting fonts it doesn't recognise to miniscule and hard to read. If there's a version of Allaire Homesite for Linux (or something very similar), tell me now and I can get this thing sorted.

Who were the people in the dedication?
Oh, them. They're fictional characters in my novel, tentatively titled A Time to Kill: The Life and Times of Willson Baines, which has been tentatively shelved until the 4th of Never. The plot was so horrible even I couldn't follow it, the premise was clichéd. All hope now lies with a different group of people, the Ancoats and the Daisybanks.

And who are the Ancoats and the Daisybanks?
Gangs. Commanding Moss Side and Longsight, vying for control of Rusholme and obliteration for the other. In my new attempt at a novel, anyroad. Truth, Jalfrezi and Freedom tells the tale of two men desperate to kill each other and take the spoils of the Curry Mile for themselves.

I do believe I created David Pink!
Bollocks. You created someone called Dave T. Pink. Who was someone else entirely and I dropped in favour of a far more useful, mysterious, and ultimately sinister character. A Malkavian just would not have done for my purposes.

Pic of me. If you're lucky